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Cressing Temple Barns             Boats on the Hard , West Mersea                   Old Bricks, Rope and Wood         

 The Old Bakehouse, Cressing Temple Barns                     Boats on the Hard, West Mersea                                   Old Bricks, Rope and Wood

Watercolour                                                                           Watercolour (Sold)                                                          Watercolour

   Autumn Carpet                   Times Past, Chappel Station (2)                           The Windmill, Lautrec, France        


Autumn Carpet                                                                     Days Gone By, Chappel Museum                                                                The Windmill, Lautrec, France  

Watercolour                                                                          Watercolour                                                                                                 Watercolour

 Man Shed - Boys Toys                          Three jugs                                                The only way is down resized for website


 Man Shed - Boy's Toys                                                                     Three Jugs                                                                   The Only Way is Down

 Acrylic                                                                                                  Acrylic                                                                         Acrylic

Alans Dog        hauled Ashore         Jenets Foss, Yorkshire
Alan's dog                                                                           Hauled Ashore                                                                      Jenet's Foss, Yorkshire


on the rocks                               Seven Shells                                               The Hard, West Mersea

On the Rocks, Staithes                                            Seven Shells                                                                                                               The Hard, West Mersea


Tidal Thames                      Impression of Heybridge 1 copy                       

Tidal Thames                                                            Impression of Heybridge 1